4 Best Household Products You Can Use To Clean Leather Furniture

Clean Leather Furniture

Leather cleaning might just seem quite easy, but the truth is that it needs a lot of care and attention. Using any harsh chemicals or brushes are going to ruin and scratch the leather which not only decreases its life but also tears it gradually. Not only that but if you are using any harsh cleaners, they are going to fade away the colour of your sofa which you would never want.

However, there are several natural substances in your household which you can use to clean your sofas. How? Well, different household items are known to thoroughly clean sofa leather. If you are curious about how to form a proper leather cleaning solution, then here are a few combinations for you which would help you to clean leather furniture.

How To Clean Leather Furniture With Household Products?

  • Mild soap and some water

One of the most common solutions to cleaning a leather sofa is by using a mild cleaning soap and mixing it with water. Dish soap would be a good idea in this case. Just add a few squirts of the soap with some warm water in a bowl. Further, immerse the cloth in the solution and using it to clean the sofa. However, before you actually start doing this, try vacuuming your sofa once to clear any pet hair or any kind of debris over it. After that, you can use the soap solution.

  • Hand cleaning

There are a lot of times when certain things, like gums, wax or other stuff gets stuck to the sofa and it is hard to remove them with soapy water or anything else. If not cleaned, it is going to create a mess, and of course, nobody likes unwanted stuff on their belongings, especially something like a sofa which mostly is showcased for guests. So, to clean this mess, you can place a few ice cubes in a small bag and place that bag over the stuck material. After a few minutes, it would be easy to pry it up. You can keep the bag longer, depending upon the type of material.

  • Vinegar and olive oil also count

Vinegar and olive oil have a lot to offer, something which you can use to clean leather furniture. How? Well, it is simple. Just put some vinegar directly over the stained areas of the sofa and then let it dry for some time. After that, use olive oil over it and wipe away with a soft towel. It would not just help to clean the stain but would also keep the sofa soft and fresh.

  • Use Alcohol

Alcohol could also be used as a cleaning agent and if you can’t arrange alcohol, you can even use any spirits for this purpose. All you got to do is the use a dry towel and make it wet with the alcohol/spirit and use it to clean the stain directly with your finger. This method is the best if you have stains on your sofa which don’t come off easily.

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