How To Clean Leather Furniture

Clean Leather Furniture

Leather furniture adds to the overall decor of your room. It is one of the most durable and low-maintenance surface for home furnishing, But Leather furniture requires specific methods of care. It is different from ordinary furniture cleaning. Please check the kind of leather your furniture is made up of. It may be Aniline or unprotected leather with added color. On the other hand, it might be Protected or furnished Leather. Most furniture is made of furnished leather.

First thing to remember is that you have to treat them gently; the gentler the better. Most modern furniture is made with top-coat protected leather, which is generally easy and safe to clean. Many buyers use home-made products to clean this furniture. Or else you can try out those available in the market. Generally, you can clean your leather furniture using a vacuüm or just by dusting. Use a good conditioner every 6-12 months to keep the condition of the leather surface intact. Remember, your leather furniture remains in good shape if it is protected from direct sunlight. Now, let’s discuss how to clean leather furniture using a conditioner.

Clean Leather Furniture Using A Conditioner

1. Clearing Debris

Clearing Debris – the first thing is to clear all remaining debris. Check the crevices and crease thoroughly and with caution as you can scratch the leather surface. Use a vacuum’s hand tool, and brush to clear out the debris. Use the brush attachment to run it over the surface gently. The brush bristles are less likely to scratch the surface as they are soft.

2. Clean It With Solution

Clean it with solution – you can make a home-made solution by mixing equal amount of water and white vinegar. Use distilled water as tap water can be harmful. If soap is applied, use mild, neutral-pH non-detergent soap. Alternatively, you may use commercial leather cleaner. But please read the instructions before using. Stay away from products containing ammonia or alkalis.

3. Dip A Rag

Dip a rag – but thoroughly wring out the rag. The rag (better a microfiber cloth) should only be damp, and not drenched. Excess liquid can damage the leather.

4. Scrub Lightly

Scrub lightly – work in small sections and scrub, from top to bottom, not scratch, lightly. Rinse the rag in the solution and after a few strokes, wring it out.

5. Wipe To Dry

Wipe to dry – finally, use a clean rag and wipe each section of leather dry. Again work in small section.

6. Stains

Stains – blot the spot immediately with a clean dry white cloth to absorb it. On stubborn stains, gently apply a soft cloth moistened with a mild non-detergent soap and lukewarm water. Wipe it off with another clean damp cloth. Finally dry it with another soft cloth. Do not try using air dryer on leather.

If the stain remains, it is advised to seek help from a professional. But in any case never scratch as that might cause more harm to the leather. Regularly clean leather furniture to keep it in good health.


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