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Toms Leather Cleaning Elsternwick specialize in Leather Sofa Cleaning, Leather Couch Cleaning, Leather Lounge Cleaning & Leather Chair Cleaning services.

Toms Leather Cleaning Elsternwick is essential for maintaining the good looks of your leather furniture. Compared to upholstered furniture, leather has proven itself to be extremely durable. With that in mind however, the wear and tear is also more visible and is not easily concealed. Add to that the discolouration, the loss of softness and moisture and you’ll see why you need the professionals to take care of all that.

Professional Leather Cleaning Service Elsternwick

Providing a professional leather cleaning service is not just about the cleaning. The refinishing or recoloring of a leather furnitures is the most vital part of producing a high quality piece. Without the color restoration process you are not providing professional leather cleaning. We have 10 years of experience in restoring colors. We mix colors from scratch to match each furniture. We uses oils and dyes to restore couches and offer repellents to protect leather.

There are several different types of leather. Determining the type of leather on your furniture is the first step. Our analysis will reveal what cleaning process and solutions that should be used. All of our professional leather cleaning solutions are applied by hand with care.

Clean towels are used to apply the cleaner as well as lift off any soil that may have become trapped in the leather. Once a leather piece is cleaned and refinished, it moves for pressing. The final process of professionally cleaned leather furnitures is the ability to press a furnitures and make the leather look its best. We use tension equipment, utility presses, forms, brushes, buffers and more to put the final look on a piece.

After your leather is thoroughly cleaned, we apply a professional leather conditioner to make your couch or favorite chair just as soft as the day you bought it. This treatment restores the lost moisture vital to retaining the original look and feel of your furniture.

Leather Cleaning Services Elsternwick

Using latest equipment, we provide a variety of leather furniture cleaning services :

  • Leather furniture cleaning Elsternwick
  • Leather couch cleaning Elsternwick
  • Leather lounge cleaning Elsternwick
  • Commercial leather furniture cleaning Elsternwick
  • Leather settee cleaning Elsternwick
  • Leather car seats cleaning Elsternwick

We Use Safe Leather Cleaning Methods

Since our establishment, we have never neglected our main policy to preserve your well being. Our leather cleaning is eco friendly with no harmful or hazardous products. All detergents, enzyme based products, stain and bad odour removers are 100% risk free. They are organic, certified and tested. Our cleaning equipment is environment friendly and hides no risk for your pets or children.

Maintaining and Cleaning Leather furniture

Regular cleaning and protection, with advice from a professional is paramount to the longevity of your leather furniture. Not only can we clean your leather, but we can also correct the lacquer finish and give you advice and products to give your leather years and years of use while making it easier for you to maintain, so we aren’t coming back every 6 months to do it all again.

Regular cleaning of leather furniture using non-leather products can be detrimental to the finish of your leather. Baby wipes, washing up liquid and other non leather products eventually build up and collect dirt which in turn, starts to destroy the lacquer finish. That exposes the leather which starts to crack, unnoticeable at first but even by this time it may be damaged and passed-cleaning.

With our expert help we can get your leather back on track and help you to keep it that way, saving you time and money in the long run.

Our Leather Cleaners Are Experienced

Our top rated leather cleaning service has built a reliable and diligent team of well trained cleaners. Our cleaners are insured and have the necessary skills. They all follow our main principles and the common hygiene standards. They are ready to respond to your personal instructions and individual requirements. We have motivated cleaners that are devoted to their job. They never leave a property with an unfinished job!

You Always Get More From Toms Leather Cleaning Elsternwick

Our leather cleaners have what it takes to rejuvenate your leather furniture. And except for restoring all leather made furniture in your home and offices our service comes along with many other benefits for you, such as :

  • Preserving the condition of your leather furniture so it lasts for longer.
  • Regularly trained and vetted cleaning professionals.
  • A variety of special weekly deals and discounts.
  • Flexible scheduling, with a same day service not being a problem for us.
  • Making your furniture much more comfortable by restoring its softness.
  • No additional charges.

Commercial Leather Cleaning Elsternwick

We provide a professional service to pubs, clubs, hotels, restaurants leisure centres, sports facilities and commercial offices. Please contact us today on 1300 068 194 to find out more about our advanced cleaning equipment and dedication to providing an exceptional cleaning service.

  • Commercial leather seating cleaning
  • Corporate leather seats cleaning
  • Commercial leather chairs cleaning
  • We regularly work for commercial clients on out-of-hours or weekend jobs to tight deadlines.

Remember that even when you can’t see the dirt, you know it’s there. Cleaning leather furniture can be a challenge for the homeowner—but not for our trained leather cleaning professionals. Count on us to achieve noticeable results—and keep your leather furniture looking great for years to come.

Leather Protection

Toms Leather Protection Elsternwick provides wide range of leather furniture protection services, expert for Leather Sofa Cleaning. It is comfortable, long lasting and looks great however if leather is not looked after it can become brittle, dull, stained and cracked. Call Us Now : 1300 068 194

Protection is critical when it comes to leather furniture and upholstery. It doesn’t matter what you have that needs protection, because leather isn’t cheap and it takes a lot of care to keep it looking its best. When you’re in the market for professional protection solutions, you can depend on the professionals at Toms Leather cleaning Elsternwick to get everything that you need from your investment in leather protection, no matter what you have in mind. Take the time to explore our leather solutions and see just what you can find, no matter what you have in mind. We’re here to help you with all types of protection and restoration services, guaranteeing that your leather keeps looking good for many years to come. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got one sofa or a whole room of leather furnishings because we can help keep them clean and looking great, no matter what kind of wear they endure.

The Toms Leather Cleaning system is a 3 step process :

  1. We apply the leather cleaner, gently agitating by hand to release the soils from the leather.
  2. We then apply a conditioner to the leather to rehydrate the leather giving your lounge back its soft comfortable feel.
  3. Finally we apply a protector to the leather that will help hold the moisture in the leather and prevent the leather from becoming brittle and cracking.

We provide best Leather Protection Services Elsternwick

Leather Sofa Protection

Our professional sofa solutions are designed to help give you the protection that you deserve so that your furniture looks better and lasts longer, no matter what you have in mind. At Toms Leather Cleaning Elsternwick, we know what it takes to keep your sofa in great shape. Sofa upholstery is our specialty and our years of experience give us the skills to help you get more out of your furniture. When it comes to protection from upholstery, stain protection, cleaning, or other services, we can give you everything that you need.

Leather Furniture Protection

One less thing to worry about. Protect your furniture investment from accidental stains and damage with our Leather Furniture Protection Elsternwick. Leather upholstery is not just beautiful, but is also an extremely durable furniture covering. With basic care and maintenance, it can look great for years – even with daily use.

Leather Chair Protection

Leather chairs look great and add a classy touch to your home. Unfortunately, taking care of these chairs over time can take some effort. Ensure your new leather chairs are protected against accidental stains and damage for years to come with Toms Leather Chair Protection Elsternwick, then sit back and enjoy the comfort of having one less thing to worry about.

Leather Couch Protection

Leather couch protection can give you a chance to breathe new life into your old furniture. With so many different solutions out there to choose from, it might seem like replacement is the easiest option. Of course, you’ll save a lot of money if you choose couch protection services instead. This gives you even more from your investment than you might have expected in the first place. Call us today to discuss how we can help you get things looking like new again. Toms Leather Cleaning Elsternwick, it’s about helping you get more for your money and that means not replacing your couch just because it’s a little worn.

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