Complete Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Faux Leather Sofa

faux leather sofa

Leather gives a lavish and aesthetic look to any house. Therefore, leather furniture has started being part of many houses. Similar to any other furniture, leather sofa also gets dirty and stained. You may need professional sofa cleaning services from a reliable company. Alternatively, you can learn leather sofa cleaning and maintenance tips to make this job cost-effective.

In this blog post, we will share how to clean and maintain a faux leather sofa:

1. Vacuum Cleaning

  • Faux leather sofa comes with a somewhat absorbent and resilient surface. Therefore, to restrict the build-up of pollutants such as grime, mould, dirt, dust, etc., you must regularly clean it.
  • To remove these impurities from the surface of the sofa, vacuum cleans it every alternate day with the right attachment.

2. Regular Cleaning

To clean your faux leather sofa, you can use this simple DIY hack:

  • In normal water, mix the cleaning solution if the sofa looks too dirty or just use water.
  • With a damped sponge clean the sofa by gently wiping the surface for effective and safe leather sofa cleaning.
  • To maintain the aesthetic of faux couch, clean all areas and surfaces of it, so no impurities get left behind.

3. Stain Cleaning

If you are dealing with any stains, and want an effective stain cleaning guide, follow these tips and cleaning method:

  • Make a cleaning solution by using mild detergent and normal water.
  • Damp a clean cloth in this leather sofa cleaning
  • Apply dab and clean method to spot clean the stained area.
  • Do not be harsh as it may cause cracks on the surface, which may damage its looks and appearance.

4. Removing Mould

A faux leather sofa can build up mould or mildew, which can cause severe diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to remove mould and mildew with the right sofa cleaning method:

  • Check the manufacturer’s warning to use the right cleaning solution for your couch.
  • If vinegar can be used for your faux leather sofa cleaning, then mix it into the water and clean the couch. Apply dab and clean method with a clean cloth damped in the cleaning solution you made.
  • If vinegar is not recommended by the manufacturer, then you can use alcohol for sofa cleaning. Rub alcohol to remove mould and mildew.
  • Regardless of the fact which cleaning solution you use, you must be gentle while cleaning the faux leather sofa. It can get damaged if you rub it hard.

5. Sofa Conditioning

  • To prevent shine of faux leather and to protect it from cracks and damages, along with effective leather sofa cleaning, you will also need to condition the faux leather.
  • You can use silicon-based spray or any other commercial conditioner recommended by the manufacturer to polish and conditioning it.

Last, but not least, keep this tip in mind. Your faux leather needs professional leather sofa cleaning regularly. Do not avoid that as that is essential to keep your couch clean, new-alike, and sanitized.

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