How To Protect Leather Sofa From Stains and Spills

In case you want to protect leather sofa from stains and spills we are here to help and provide you some wholesome tips to protect your leather sofas and make them last for a long time. Leather is one of the most preferred material for sofas, but the word is that people find it scratchable […]


DIY | Clean Leather Couch With Baking Soda In 5 Steps

We understand your want for perfection as far as your house is concerned. We all are more appealed towards neatness, and no one will disagree to the fact that stains on the leather sofa and couches conks our OCD and we want to get rid of them as soon we can. Toms Leather Cleaning professionals […]


How To Remove Ink Stains From Leather Upholstery

“First Things First, Regular Ink Stain Removal Stuff Doesn’t Work On Leather.”   To be precise ink is a dyeing agent and it has the ability to stain/colour the leather. Because of intrinsic properties of both the materials. The longer any dying agent stays on the leather it becomes more difficult to the remove the […]


How To Clean Your White Leather Couch | DIY

With time white leather couch ages just like other fabrics, but in the case of white, off-white or cream colored leather it get easily to your attention. You were used to bask in the glorious shining white leather upholstery and this yellow tone of it is getting on your nerves. Although, there not much need […]

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