leather sofa cleaning

4 Best Household Products You Can Use To Clean Leather Furniture

Leather cleaning might just seem quite easy, but the truth is that it needs a lot of care and attention. Using any harsh chemicals or brushes are going to ruin and scratch the leather which not only decreases its life but also tears it gradually. Not only that but if you are using any harsh […]


How to Clean Leather Sofa at Home

How to Clean Leather Sofa Leather sofas are all about elegance. These are luxurious and one has to look after them to keep the desired look intact. It is a tad bit tough to clean leather sofa at home as you can’t just wipe it with water. On the other hand, harsh cleaners can ruin […]


How to Clean Your Sofa in a Jiffy

Clean sofa brings life to your home. Whether you have a fabric sofa, velvet sofa or leather sofa, your home looks fresh and inviting with your clean looking sofas. So, it is important to understand how you can keep your sofa clean, healthy and safe for years. How to Choose the Right Sofa for Your […]

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