DIY | Clean Leather Couch With Baking Soda In 5 Steps

Clean Leather Couch

We understand your want for perfection as far as your house is concerned. We all are more appealed towards neatness, and no one will disagree to the fact that stains on the leather sofa and couches conks our OCD and we want to get rid of them as soon we can.

Toms Leather Cleaning professionals at Melbourne have a quick and easy way that will give your leather upholstery of couches as shiny and good as new.

Checklist To Clean Leather Couch With Baking Soda:

  1. Bicarbonate  soda
  2. Two clean white cleaning fabrics.
  3. A vacuum with brush attachment.

How To Clean Leather Couch With Baking Soda?

Bicarbonate soda is a highly potent thing available in your kitchen itself.  It is useful for cleaning everything from kitchen utensils to joggers, and your leather upholstery is no exception. Use this baking soda to make your leather upholstery as shiny as it used to be.

Top 5 Steps To Clean Leather Couch With Baking Soda | Do It Yourself:

Step 1: Use A Cloth

Remove all the loose dust from your leather you can use a cloth or a brush to dust it.

Step 2: Sprinkle Soda Bicarbonate

Sprinkle soda bicarbonate (baking soda) on your couch and let it sit for a minimum of 20 minutes. For enhanced results or to remove hard stains mix a dry carpet cleaner.

Step 3: Use A Vacuum Cleaner

Use a vacuum cleaner with an extension to reach all the sides of the couch. Vacuum the soda bicarbonate up with the brush extension.

Step 4: Target Stubborn Stains

Target clean any hard stains that you see remain on your couch upholstery.  Now with a clean cloth and cleaning solution that is suitable for your couch’s fabric.

Step 5: Spot Test

Before you applying the soda and cleaner mix to the entire couch, spot test the mix on a non-prominent portion of your couch to make sure they are not damaging the fabric.

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