4 Kitchen Products That Can Help Remove Stains From Leather

Remove Stains From Leather

Cleaning Leather Furniture is one of the most common household routines. Mostly households have a sofa set with leather upholstery because of its aesthetics. And who would want to have stained and dirty looking couches. Since they are couches they are going to get worn out, stained and dirty. In this blog, Toms Leather Cleaning Melbourne services will let you know how to remove stains from leather with just the things available in your kitchen for day-to-day instant leather cleaning. We will be focusing on leather upholstery but these tips can be used on any accessories made of leather.

4 Kitchen Products That Can Help Remove Stains From Leather

1. Alcohol

Some amount of alcohol is found in nail polish remover, deodorants other than hard drinks. Get a bottle of any of your booze to clean leather furnitures or any leather accessory. It is very easy to clean ink stains and grease stains from leather upholstery and purses with alcohol.

All you have to do is dip some part of the cotton ball in alcohol and rub the stained leather upholstery surface, let it stay for some time, and then wipe it off with a neat cloth.

2. Soap and Water

Again, these are the most basic of materials found in the household. This method is the easiest and quickest method to clean leather furnitures. Mix some soap in warm water, and get a sponge ready. Before sponging the surface, vacuum the dirt and dust off the leather.

3. Ice

It is quite shocking for many people but ice can help clean your leather upholstery or accessories. Chewing gum, toffee or candle wax stains are hard to get off from the leather upholstery. Rub some ice over it, so the blob of unwanted material would harden and then you can gently scrape it off with an old credit card or a butter knife.

4. Oil and Lemon

Add two parts of any fragrant natural oil and one part lemon juice to a bowl. The oil will hydrate the leather and help the stain get off easy and the lemon will remove the stains. Apply the solution on your leather upholstery and wipe off with a microfibre cloth.

If your leather upholstery is damaged beyond your ability to repair you may let Toms Leather Cleaning Melbourne Cleaners have a look, call on 1300 068 194.


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